AAoyue I - It's like Wordle but only with vowels

Hello, I've made Wordle, but only with vowels.

Gameplay screen, with multiple tries to find a six-letter word with vowels.

Here are the features :

  • Choice to find words having between five and ten letters.
  • 72 557 856 words are available.
  • First letter of the word is always given.
  • Unlimited tries to guess the word.
  • Left and Right to choose a letter, A to validate a letter or to try a word, B to clear a letter, Up and Down or Crank to see previous tries.
  • Average number of tries needed to find a word and number of words found are saved for each difficulty and shown on the pause screen.
  • A strange voice with a French accent reads the letters of the word when you try to guess it.
  • How long to beat : ten minutes, or more, or less.

This version is based on the French version of the TV game called Motus, hosted by Thierry Beccaro on France 2.

Here, I wanted to put a photo of Thierry Beccaro, but since I don't have many posts, I can't put more than one image in my thread. But you can look for photos of Thierry Beccaro on DuckDuckGo or other search engines.

Here is a trailer in French : AAoyue I - Trailer - peertube.desmu.fr
Here is a gameplay video in French : AAoyue I - Let's Play - peertube.desmu.fr

You can pay-what-you-want-download the game here : AAoyue I by Desmu

(At first I wanted to make more micro-games in one .pdx package, so an older version of the game with an interactive overlay menu called "Les Micro-Jeux de Georges la Saucisse" was beta-released last year, but in the end, I didn't have time to make more games, and I finally don't like my other ideas. So the older version is still here but useless at this time ; I've took some hours to make a stand-alone version of AAoyue I.)

Maybe you will find the game nice. If that's the case, thanks !