Add a contoller button mapping to the simulator: dock crank

1. Describe your reason for requesting this feature. What problems are you running into?
It'd be great if I could dock the simulator crank using only a button on the USB controller, without using the mouse. There is currently no way to map crank docking to the controller. Undocking happens automatically when the mapped crank stick is used.

2. How would this request improve your experience developing for Playdate?
My game prototype has various points where the crank is featured and other spots where it might make sense to dock it. I'd like to more quickly test switching docked status without resorting to using the mouse.


Thanks for the suggestion! I need to circle back and work on the controller requests soon. I should be able to add this no problem. :slight_smile:


I second this feature. I have an idea for a mechanic where docking / undocking would adjust Zoom level / Control Mode in a prototype I'm working on. But since I don't have hardware yet it's a bit hard to get a feel for it with just the GUI button.

Good news, I've already implemented it for the next feature release. :white_check_mark: