Animator skips first half of animation

I've making a cutscene-system for my game, and I've implemented the use of Animators to move sprites. I started with a simple test animator, but it's behaving strangely. I've set a duration of 5000 ms and two geometry points as start and end values. When the animator starts it immediately jumps to about halfway to its goal and then spends roughly 2,5 seconds to slowly move the rest of the way.

Has anyone else encountered this? I can't for the life of me figure out what makes it skip ahead like that.

Okay, I figured out what was causing the problem. The animators duration starts counting as soon as the animator is created, not from the moment you set it to a sprite with setAnimator as I believed it would (which felt logical to me). Since it's part of a cutscene with a mix of animators and text prompts with different timings, and the cutscene itself may be initiated at a non-fixed time, I can't use the startTimeOffset for this as I don't know how long of an offset I would need. I would very much like to be able to create the string of animators beforehand and then execute them when I need to, but I suppose there is no way to do this at present?

It does seem weird to me that the animation wouldn't start when you add it to a sprite, but I can sort of imagine cases where you'd want the animator to run independently, like a global clock. Would just calling animator:reset() right before sprite:setAnimator() not do what you want?

Yeah, that works for now. Feels silly that I have to do it, but at least it works. Thanks!