Any resources for SFX and music?

Hi all, loving pulp, loving the forum.

I'm currently writing a game using my phone on journeys, it's a bit clunky in mobile Chrome but I'm loving the challenge!

The game is a turn-based dungeon cat rescue thing. When you move, the monsters move, so you need to figure a route that avoids them, get the cat, then lead it to the exit.

Currently quite early in development - I have persistent levels set up, a couple of monster types, a fair bit of logic in there.

My weakness though is music and sounds, seriously, I can't even make a decent beep let alone a song! So do you have any resources for free SFX and/or music that can be used? SFX is pretty simple, footsteps, a miow, death noise, etc!

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I'd encourage you to jump into the community discord.

We have a music channel with some really talented people.

Thanks Donald, I'll check it out :slight_smile: