Apple Silicon M1 compatibility

Hello all,

Using a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon, and seeing that your other products are M1 compatible, could you make the PlayDate SDK compatible as well?

It currently asks me to install Rosetta to install the SDK... or is it just the installer?

I don't have Rosetta on my MacBook Pro and wasn't really keen to install it. I'll wait a little bit longer to develop on PlayDate if you can compile the SDK on M1.

Thank you in advance (and thank you for creating the PlayDate!)


Yikes! I'm on an M1 Air and had no idea. We'll definitely get that fixed in the .1, hopefully within the next few days. Thanks for catching that!


aha! This looks like it might be the problem: Why does opening a .pkg file on M1… | Apple Developer Forums I don't see a hostArchitectures entry in our Distribution file

The version 1.9.1 corrected the problem. Flawless installation on MBP M1 Max, thanks for your great responsiveness!