Asheville Sans incorrect glyphs

When opening Asheville Sans 14 Light in caps or tophat, many glyphs seem to be assigned to the wrong codepoint

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I've looked at the font file as well and the issue seems to be that the character ":bangbang:︎" is included incorrectly in the .fnt, as it's actually stored as two characters (:bangbang: followed by variation selector 15, to make it appear as text, like "!!" instead of an emoji) and as such it gets ignored when opening the file. As a result, every character after :bangbang:︎ in the .fnt gets shifted up one spot.


whoa, great catch. :pray: I never would have guessed there was a bonus variation selector in there. I'll pull that from the file and also have the parser ignore those in fnt files like we do elsewhere

ohhhh right. I've already been down this path--we're already ignoring variation selectors. It's caps and tophat that are getting mixed up here. I'll fix the fnt file, anyway!

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