Ballerburg Atari

Hi all!

I finally decided to order a playdate and am really excited to receive it hopefully end of the year!

It got me pretty nostalgic and and thinking about games I used to play growing up. I think Ballerburg would be awesome on the playdate. Adjusting the canons with the crank just seems perfect. Would even work as a 2 player game as it is turn based. Just thought I would put it out there in case someone is interested in recreating it.

I might give it a try myself in the future using pulp. Unfortunately for the foreseeable future I’m pretty occupied with “life”.

Very excited to see what else the community will come up with!

I also grew up on the Atari ST but I was unaware of Ballerberg as I only had a colour TV connected to my ST and didn't explore hi-res software until more recently. Looks cool!

I see the author has released the source control so it might be a little easier task than creating the game from scratch.

I think Pulp might be impossible, might want to try and learn Lua....

I think this is totally doable in Pulp.

You might have to sacrifice some accuracy (but see the pong pulp tutorial) and of course the resolution is about half of Atari ST hi-res.

Lua would allow an accurate gameplay port, though graphics resolution would still be an issue.