Blink:stop() resets blink.loop to false


I've noticed that stopping and re-starting a blinker retains the on/off durations you have set—but loses its loop property, which returns to the default of false.

According to the documentation, blinker:stop(): Stops a blinker if it’s running. Its state will reset to its default value.

However, that doesn't seem to actually be the case, as cycles, onDuration , and offDuration all retain their set values. I'll file a bug on this so we can get this situation cleaned up!

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Cool! (It seems ideal to me if you didn't need to re-set all those values each time you re-start.)

Also, it wasn't clear to me in those docs what "state" referred to: I just assumed it meant the true/false blink state, not all of its other properties.

I agree, I wasn't sure about what state meant either, I'll make sure the documentation gets cleared up.

I think you're right about not wanting to reset loop as well, I'm just a little bit worried about breaking old code that may rely on the current behavior so we'll have to take that into account.

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I've got a fix ready for this now, it should make it into the next SDK release (just missed the 1.12 release, unfortunately!)

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