Can only compile from Desktop!

So I started tinkering with this yesterday by simply creating a folder on my desktop and messing with lua. All of that worked fine. When I moved the files to another directory it compiles but the Simulator can't run the resulting pdx.

The project is a basic hello world single file thing, copying to desktop works, but any other directory does not. Not sure what I'm missing :slight_smile:


What OS are you running, and how are you building the game? Are you using a code editor and a build task in it, or are you running pdc manually?

I'm on Windows 11 and using VSCode. No build task, im manually running pdc.

Are you using the latest SDK version 1.10.0? Previous versions had some problems with file paths in Windows.

What error are you getting when you try and run it in the Sim? Did you move your SDK folder or just your project? Are you using relative paths someplace which are getting broken when you moved your project?

Thanks! This did the trick, I was on 1.9.3 it seems.

It's fixed now, thanks for your reply. I had not moved the SDK folder, just my project. No relative paths etc, was a very basic hello world program, not much going on. I don't remember the exact error anymore unfortunately, sorry.

I had this problem a couple of weeks ago. It didn't occur to me that it may be a problem with the SDK. I ended up changing to ubuntu over WSL and editing on VSCode with remote.