Cannot access game/blank screen

Hi there, I seem to be having the same issue as this thread. I was trying to import a tile from another game I had, and when I imported it Pulp started glitching out. When I closed and reloaded, I just get a blank screen and cannot press on any of the menus on the left. The only way to get out of it is to edit the URL to a different game of mine, and that game works just fine, but when I select the broken game, same issue.

this happened to me when i tried adding the pulp extra add on for chrome. the add on doesn’t currently work (as i know of) and will cause this bug.

It appears the default “black” tile was somehow deleted.

Do you remember how you exported the tile? eg. was it All Tiles, Current Layer, or just Current Tile? I’d like to try to reproduce this error. Thanks! Never mind, I was able to reproduce (and fix) it.

Whatever you did worked, I'm able to access everything again! Thanks so much!

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