Can't find the Windows Playdate Simulator

Hey, just got my hands on the SDK and the simulator doesn’t seem to be included - is it somewhere else that I’m missing or has it not been packaged yet? Thanks!

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The Windows Simulator is still in the early-alpha stage. For now, you can build your .pdx and upload it directly to a Playdate.

We hope to have a Windows Simulator soon!


Hi Neven Mrgan,

Thanks for the information sharing.

It is very important to have the Playdate Windows Simulator up due to the following reasons:

  1. If running MacOS machine instead of one PC, more current consuming.
  2. I cannot do C programming and test run before receiving the physical Playdate device.
  3. I use to be Windows guy, so if there is Playdate error happens, I roughly know how and what to do in mind at first.

Hopes to hear the next release of Playdate SDK with Windows Emulator soon.

Thanks again.

macos only for now…

So if my playDate hasn’t arrived and am on Windows there is no way to test my code at the moment correct? Just checking if I missed something.


macOS in a VM as temporary workaround

Just in case you missed it, the 0.10.2 Windows SDK includes the compiler and simulator. See the pinned thread on the main page of the forums for a link.

These tools have not been tested as thoroughly as the Mac tools yet, so your feedback is appreciated!