Choosing Project > Run whilst Breakpoint is triggered hangs Simulator

Repro steps

  1. Set Breakpoint that will be trigger on run with no user interaction needed
  2. Project > Run (Cmd+R)
  3. (breakpoint triggers)
  4. Project > Run (Cmd+R)


  • continue execution?
  • end debugger before running game again?


  • Simulator hangs


  • Even pressing Stop before running again does not workaround the Simulator hanging
  • So there seems to be no way to re-run the game once a Breakpoint has been triggered without quitting the Simulator?

To unpause, click the resume button in the Debug console:

Invoking Run again will attempt to load a second instance in the simulator, but since it’s paused on a breakpoint, that won’t be possible.


I don’t want to resume, but to run again.

Scenario is that I’ve just made a code change to fix a bug and want to run from the start again.

If choosing run again is not expected or desired, maybe Run menu could be disabled or change to Resume? I don’t know, up to you.

How do I get out of the debugger cleanly to re-run my game?

My workflow is run, change something, run again, change something… just trying to figure out where debugger fits in there.