Converting Art from a Single Image to Sprites on Pulp


New here. First post. My name is Ryan Claytor and I'm a university professor and comics artist. (

I'm trying my hand at making a Pulp game AND HAVING A LOT OF FUN!


As I'm a comic artist, I'm finding a lot of joy on the art side, but I have a question; is there a way to take an existing image (say, a 200 x 120px, 2-color, gif) and simply convert that 1-bit image to all the 25x12 sprite automatically?

I'm finding the sprite-by-sprite method of working pretty slow and just curious if there's a way I could speed up my workflow.

Alternately, is there a way to place an overlay image (like the 200 x 120px, 2-color, gif I mentioned previously) and use it as a sort of guide or tracing image for painting pixels behind it?

Thanks for your help, Prolific Pulp People!
Ryan :smile:


Your game looks great!

Check out this post for how to import a single image as tiles. Hope it helps!

Ah-ha! Great! Thank you, Scott!

I did some experimentation with a little hand-drawn image...

Scanned that into the computer...

...uploaded the large image to pulp...

...and now it even functions on my Playdate!

Woo-hoo! However...that was A LOT of INDIVIDUAL sprite placement. phew Ha-ha! Do you have any suggestions for a way to streamline that sprite placement process?

In unrelated news, I'll be changing the name of this game because... seems as though I wasn't the first to think of this title. LOL...sighs.