Crankitori - Dev Log

Hello everyone,

I've been interested in the playdate (though I don't have a device... yet!) and making a game for it for a few months now and recently wanted to try programming for it. I'm not professional programmer but I've made a few games for KaiOS and steam.

At any rate, I wanted to start something to help learn it so I came up with the idea of using the Japanese word game Shiritori and and the crank. The basic loop of the game is you stack blocks you get from playing Shiritori and then use those block to jump high enough to keep from getting squished from the oncoming enemy. Right now I'm calling it Crankitori but there is probably a more clever name out there for it.


I'm not sure how fun it is but I have a few ideas for it.

  • newer enemies jump higher or are taller
  • less common letters have more health so they slow down enemies
  • more difficulty through longer words
  • perhaps a way to better position the blocks as they fall instead of how they randomly do

I look forward to any comments or suggestions for it as I continue to develop it!