Crash on 2.0.1 Windows Simulator

Platform: Windows 10 and 11
SDK Version: 2.0.1

Calling the pd->scoreboards->addScore)..._ function causes a crash which does not occur for 2.0.0 nor does it on other platforms for the same simulator version.

Minimal repro:
image containing relevant info

pdx (6.8 KB)


Thanks for the report, I've identified the issue and will have a fix soon.


Getting a very similar error right after clicking the "Register" button.

Both are SendBufferedData() related.

Windows 10 (haven't tested on 11)
SDK v2.0.1

Yup, same bug. Will be fixed soon.


Thanks for the info, feel free to send a test build if it can help confirm fixes.
I'm on the Playdate Squad discord under the same username.

same problem register the sim on Windows 11, error message was

wxWidgets Debug Alert

C:\GitLab-Runner\ci-builds\HeHsk-Bm\0\playdate\PlayDate\SimulatorWX\source\esp32.cpp(572): assert ""Assert failure"" failed in ESPWorkerThread::SendBufferedData(): Supplied data is ignored when using method Content-Length: [in thread 13ec4]

Call stack:
[01] 00007FF7D2CB2AD8
[02] 00007FF7D2CB338A
[03] 00007FF7D2CB1E64
[04] wxThreadInternal::DoThreadStart
[05] wxThreadInternal::WinThreadStart
[06] recalloc
[07] BaseThreadInitThunk
[08] RtlUserThreadStart

Do you want to stop the program?
You can also choose [Cancel] to suppress further warnings.

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(I used control-c on errors message to get the dialog coped to the clipboard)