Curly quotes straightened by drawText


My font has curly single- and double-quotes (confirmed in Caps and by manually inspecting the .fnt file). But when I render those characters in strings (Lua), they are replaced onscreen by ASCII straight quotes.

‘ ’ “ ” ...render as... ' ' " "

Tested with font:drawText, graphics.drawText, and graphics.drawTextAligned.

ASCII ` backtick is not affected.

Other non-ASCII characters render just fine—for example: × • … © and the various Playdate button glyphs.

(For the heck of it, I tried escaping curly quotes with \ but it didn't help. That would be acceptable, though, if it helps you implement them!)

Related issue: curly double-quotes in a string can generate syntax errors as if they were ordinary straight double-quotes.

In Nova (and in this forum) the code-coloring respects curly quotes as their own characters, irrelevant to delimiting strings. But when you Build, you get Lua errors unless you have escaped them with \ (which shouldn't be needed unless they're getting straightened behind the scenes).

For example...

notes = { "Acts as an “hour hand”", "Acts as a “minute hand.”" }

...will incorrectly generate an error that '}' is expetced to close '{'