Date of Life: crank tunes, play, get a date!

Hello all! I started a little music game:
place dots on the grid, then crank to simulate a game of life (the sort of famous among geeks mathematical game ; ), the grid will animate as the simulation advances and you’ll hear the tune you’ve composed.
There’s a goal too, you get a date with the universe if you discover all the patterns of the game of life <3

I’ve got this little dude up and running this weekend, can’t wait to make it play some sounds! (5)


What a cool concept! And the character is adorable!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Arisa!

Here’s the little guy placing some dots and then getting ready to crank the tunes.

Yesterday I’ve started messing with the synth class, it’s so much fun! So much so, that I think I’ll need to add a whole new section of the game dedicated to messing with the synth parameters : )

Next up should be a video with the actual game-of-life simulation happening and some tunes coming out of it.


Very excited to see the video with the tunes!!

Got the dev unit, loving it : D

Here’s a video with some cranking and sounds coming out of the little dude (4.5 MB)


This looks awesome, can't wait to try it out!

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