Debug actions & drawing with the Playdate Simulator

Hey folks! I wrote up a blog post on what I learned toying with the playdate.keyPressed and playdate.debugDraw methods for the Playdate Simulator. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Advanced Debugging with the Playdate Simulator



The only thing I'd add is that debug keys can be used to control the game running on a device, by checking the option "use simulator to control device" (need to confirm the exact wording).

And no mention of traditional debugging (breakpoints, etc) using Nova, VS etc?

Hm. Yeah, that's totally fair. That title is a bit ambitious for just being about those two techniques. I've been exploring the built-in debugger with Nova but haven't written anything up about it yet. Maybe I need to turn this into a series of blog posts.

Also: I had no idea you could use the sim to control the device! Yet another thing to look forward to playing with whenever I get my Playdate. :playdate_happy:

Thanks for the feedback.