🐬 'Dolphin Splash!' devlog [release: 8 July 2024 (itch)]

1st playtest info here!: Discord

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Good grief! That took a while longer than it should have. Sorry for the radio-silence (radios tend to break underwater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

In any case: The release-candidate is done. Release is set for the 8th of July, 2024 -- unless something unforeseen happens.



Currently hidden, but on or after that date, you should be able to find the game here: Dolphin Splash! by Spelbaar® - itch.io -- and the level-editor here: WaterLevelEdit


Update: Dolphin Splash! has been given to OK to be accepted into the Catalog. If all goes well, you should be able to buy it from there starting the 13th of August, 2024 :star_struck:


(... and you can buy it starting now from itch of course -- this is a well-timed update... :wink:)


congrats on the release and catalog acceptance!

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