Doom on Playdate

Hey Nic, interested - does this still read all the data from WAD's? We made a total conversion in the doom engine a while back and just wanted to check lol.

It’s been a while but I think the wad support was quite limited.

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Anyone still working on this? Would be so awesome to have this working with sound included!

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I don't work on it anymore and I am not aware anyone tried to continue to work on it.

The source is there:

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My Playdate is saying that the game needs an update to work on the current software version. Is there a fix for this?

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I grabbed the source and updated some bits in the build scripts to get it compiling under 1.10.0. Running into some issues with the original doom source, still playing around to see if I can get it working.

This weekend is super slammed but I'll try to spend time on it next week.


might also be good to start hosting this in github somewhere so everyone can join in!

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Were you able to work on it at all? Is there anyway you can post what you got to work with the current version?

Just a Doom fan over here.. without a lick of coding experience lol

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@jfaulken I second this :eyes:

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I have not! Work got crazy and this week I'm out of town... but I have my laptop so maybe?

I do agree about getting it on github. Once it's playable and up to 1.11.0 it makes sense to make it more public and ready for pull requests.


This would be awesome. I appreciate you taking an interest in getting this game on the playdate :heart: @jfaulken

Big Doom guy. It comes naturally. :slight_smile:


@jfaulken Any news on this?

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A little, nothing useful yet. I moved the project over to my Mac where my dev setup is more mature. I've also spent some time with the C dev loop doing some other small test projects.

Gonna fire it up now and see what I can get working.


Ok, got it to compile for the simulator! Title screen, attract mode and main menu work but it crashes when you start the game.

Gonna keep poking at it. If anyone wants to play around with it in the simulator here's the zipped pdx file: (2.2 MB)


GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. Got the build running on device!

When you start the game make sure not to touch any controls until the attract mode has started on its own. If you do it'll crash the Playdate and require a reboot. (2.2 MB)


Gonna clean up the build files a little and then put it on github.


Nice! I just tried it works really well now, no more crashes.

Congrats :+1:


Hey, Nic and Matt: how about PLAYDOOM as a name? :slight_smile:


Is this on github now?

This is amazing! quick question - can I and how do I change weapons?