Doom on Playdate

@NewJorg was asking me for the build of the game and I realized I never uploaded a build because the game was always unstable in the main menu.

So here the old build that was simply recompiled with the new SDK. (2.2 MB)

And here is the full project (6.4 MB)

The game is still unstable and there is no sound. After this proof of concept I basically started again using Doom Retro this time as a starting point but soon after I simply drifted away from the project. I will try to go back to it now.


Hey Nic - thank you! I managed to load it and gave it a quick spin (magic!) until the Playdate starting giving me a battery warning. Plugging it in doesn’t make the charging light come on. Argh! Anyway, you’ve done a great job - and I look forward to returning to it, hardware permitting.

Isn't "Poom" already used for the name of the PICO-8 demake?

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I think I've worked on it before Pico-8 Poom existed (not sure about the timing though) but it was just not public.
But I'll rename the thread just to avoid any confusion.


I just checked, this came first :slight_smile:

the first mention of POOM (Pico-8) July 2020

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Okie dokie, this works. I thought it might cause confusion since the PICO-8 version has been very popular.

Thank you very much for the tips on fixing _sbrk, this helped me fix my build.

For anyone else using plain Makefile instead of cmake, here's what I did:

  • Applied the above link_map.ld change
  • Added -specs=nano.specs -specs=nosys.specs to the end of the MCFLAGS = line in

Look like, playdate will be able to run cyberpunk 2077.

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Hey Nic, interested - does this still read all the data from WAD's? We made a total conversion in the doom engine a while back and just wanted to check lol.

It’s been a while but I think the wad support was quite limited.

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Anyone still working on this? Would be so awesome to have this working with sound included!

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I don't work on it anymore and I am not aware anyone tried to continue to work on it.

The source is there:

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My Playdate is saying that the game needs an update to work on the current software version. Is there a fix for this?

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I grabbed the source and updated some bits in the build scripts to get it compiling under 1.10.0. Running into some issues with the original doom source, still playing around to see if I can get it working.

This weekend is super slammed but I'll try to spend time on it next week.


might also be good to start hosting this in github somewhere so everyone can join in!

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Were you able to work on it at all? Is there anyway you can post what you got to work with the current version?

Just a Doom fan over here.. without a lick of coding experience lol

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@jfaulken I second this :eyes:

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I have not! Work got crazy and this week I'm out of town... but I have my laptop so maybe?

I do agree about getting it on github. Once it's playable and up to 1.11.0 it makes sense to make it more public and ready for pull requests.


This would be awesome. I appreciate you taking an interest in getting this game on the playdate :heart: @jfaulken

Big Doom guy. It comes naturally. :slight_smile: