Doom on Playdate

Step by Step Installation:
1)Reboot your playdate device to "data disk" mode
2)Copy the extracted files from to your Games folder of your playdate.
3)Create a folder named me.spazzylemons.PlayDoom inside the Data folder of your playdate, and copy inside the Doom.wad (or Doom2.wad, any of these will work).
4)Restart your playdate and the game will be shown on the list of your installed games.

That's what I did and it works fine on my device. (I am on version 2.4.2).


It worked!!! Thank you so much :blush:

Hey there. Followed your instructions, but the game keeps crashing after the initial loading anyway. After selecting more info, there is "W_GetNumForName: TITLEPIC not found!"

Any tips?

Are you using the correct WAD?

Not sure. Used two WADs I found, similar results :confused:
Could you forward me to some WADs that are working?

I used this one: DOOM_wads/doom2.wad at master · Akbar30Bill/DOOM_wads · GitHub and it's working!!

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Worked, thanks a lot mate!

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Amazing. I had to try it to believe it. I'm so impressed! Interesting control scheme. I think it works pretty well. Just don't hold a rocket launcher when you try to open a door.

I've never been the biggest fan of Doom (yell at me)... but there is a Chocolate Keen... I'd be even more excited if that game made it to the Playdate.

Such fantastic work : )

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Anybody in here feel up to the task of adding a WAD selection system? I have successfully played Doom, Doom 2, and Ultimate Doom (though i had to rename the wad to trick the app into seeing it. Got the “no wad found” error otherwise).

Would be a nice lil upgrade to an excellent port

Also, what a privilege to be the sixty-ninth comment.

P.S.: I used the WADs that Raquel linked above. I haven’t tried Hexen or Heretic, but I’d wager they work also. My dream is to have all the WADs in the Data folder and select which one I’d like to load at app launch

P.P.S: okay, tested the Heretic/Hexen WADs and they are a no-go.
GOOD NEWS THOUGH - TNT and Plutonia both run great.
TNT may be the best looking WAD on playdate. Level design features high contrast and really pops compared to the base Doom/Doom 2 WADs.
Plutonia is the exact opposite. Environments are too same-y and the noise from the dithering is intense

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Works great, anybody know what the USE key is? I've got switch weapon, map, and speed figured out ok.

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Holding B will switch all button functions.

While holding B, press:

A to open doors/push buttons
Dpad up to toggle the map
Dpad down to toggle run
Dpad left or right to change weapons

While the map is open, there are other buttons commands you can enter to toggle grid and zoom and such, but I can’t recall exactly what at the moment

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