Future plans for documentation contributions?


I was wondering what the plans are for contributing to the SDK documentation and publishing tutorials. If one had suggestions for edits, created examples, illustrations, tutorials, what-have-you–are there any recommendations for where or how to publish/submit such things?

Once I was invited in to the dev forum here, I read through almost everything I could click on to get a sense for how the SDK and playdate work. I can see a need for expanding the current documentation–it’s still early on so that makes sense. What’s there is good, but I see a bias towards a certain knowledge level and familiarity with the playdate platform. I’d like to help here.

There’s nothing like trying to teach something to someone to really learn that something yourself. I see myself writing up what I’ve learned and, hopefully, help others learn too. :grinning: I’d like to contribute what I come up with–just need to know how. :slight_smile:



Previously I’ve submitted documentation corrections via a private bug tracker, but my access to that is unstable due to frequently changing IP address, so I ended up stopping doing it. I sent some by DM to Greg after that.

I believe I have read that a more public bug tracker is forthcoming?

@pkruep we’re going to be setting up a public bug tracker soon when you’ll be able to file issues. We don’t currently have plans to set up a public repo however splitting the docs out of our code repo might make sense to facilitate contributions. Stay tuned!

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Thank you for the response. Bug tracking kind of threw me at first… So suggested edits or issues with the Inside Playdate file in the SDK would be handled through the bug tracker?

I guess to clarify more what I was asking: is the Inside Playdate doc included in the SDK the way help documentation for Playdate will be distributed? As a file or set of files with the SDK? Or will it be, something web based? For example, like jQuery documentation, or wiki-like on GitHub, or something of that nature?