Goto bug on enter

I found a bug using using goto on the enter event,that only happens in the Playdate simulator. I know it's a bit silly to do this but I was using this to go automatically to another room to actually store the variables, and then comeback where I was.

I created this example for it to be easy to test. (35.5 KB)

In room1 script:

on enter do
	wait 1 then
		goto 10,10 in "room2"

In room2 script:

on enter do
	goto x,0 in "room1"

How it shows in the browser:


In the simulator the loop is not happening:


This can be fixed by putting another wait in the second room's script but I wanted to share the bug anyway in case it could involve more important things. And because it's not happening the same thing on the browser and the simulator.