Gun Trails - a bullet hell shooter [OUT NOW PLEASE BUY MY GAME]

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where perf is at, as of today:


Magnificent work. The screen is the bottleneck, of course, but for you to be using only 50% CPU with such a hectic game is a great achievement.

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sizzle reel


game out now

pls play


Though I only just got mine, so I'm only at the beginning of the season, I'm pretty sure this is one of the best games on Playdate. Outstanding job. I can't wait to see your next game.

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It was so cool to see ur game on the catalogue, without having seen this thread somehow, and be like "woah this is cool!", then come back to the forums and find this whole thread to read through.


We got featured in the booth at gamescom with Grand Tour Legends, how cool!


I absolutely adore the art style and its incredibly used. Congratulations on getting featured! I wish you the best success!

looks like there will be one more stop on the road show, Panic is headed to PAX

any friends in the PNW please go give it a look

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Patch 1.1 Notes

In private testing this week, if all goes well I'll send the build to panic next weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone for supporting, Panic recently told me we made it into the top 10 of catalog over sales!


I love changelogs like this because they are a window into how the game works. :male_detective:

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Patch submitted to panic, notes up here

Should be available on people's consoles this week

Patch is live.

I have a small v1.2 patch in the works in the next few weeks, which will, unless something critical comes up, be the final patch for the game. v1.2 will address an uncommon sound related bug.


community awards time

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Any support is much appreciated!

Patch is live, adds a new novice mode + a huge uplift in loading times + other stuff

details here Gun Trails by Yoyogi Games