Hardware/ram limitations on the Playdate?

Since the first batch hasn’t shipped yet, i’m trying to consider the hardware limitations without an actual device on hand.

For example - is there a tile limit or max number of frames that can be loaded per room into memory? Per Game? If you had all tiles with 3 frames of animation (eg, an ocean scene) would this cause slowdown on the device?

With all tiles filled does this increase room load time any noticeable amount?

Pulp games are unlikely to bump up against RAM limitations (one of the considerations when selecting the 8x8 tile size).

All tiles in a room are always drawn, even the “empty” tiles are just the default “white” tile. Animation has no affect on room load times (all tiles and frames are loaded when the game first launches).

The biggest bottleneck will be the amount and complexity of PulpScript. For example, emit can have a high cost because multiple tiles may handle the emitted event all at once. The game’s loop event can also have a high cost because it is called 20 times per second. The best rule of thumb when writing PulpScript is do less, less often.

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Yeah standard programming conventions then, I totally understand why there isn’t for and foreach loops available, only having ‘while’ does discourage loading the cpu up lol.

Good to know it’ll be difficult to make it unhappy on the actual hardware!