Help - Exits not sending player to the next room

I'm certain that I'm not understanding how exits work. I'd like to send the player into the level using this exit. What I see is the player walks right over the exit and doesn't change rooms. What am I doing wrong?

Note: Since I'm new I am not able to upload my game json. I have two rooms, one with an exit marker that points to the other room, that's the basics of it.

Here's an example adding to the starter game:

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Aha, I've figured out what I was doing wrong. On the right side, when it shows the room you're pointing the exit toward, you must click on the room to pick where the player will be dropped in that room.



thanks! I was having a hard time figuring that out.

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As feedback to @neven and others, I (a programmer) spent 20+ minutes with my son trying to figure this out, and the docs led us to several dead ends. For example, this:

To connect two rooms to each other, you must place an exit in each room pointing to the other room.

makes it sound like you need to put separate exits in each room and "pointing" them using the "Connect" thing here:

Because that didn't work, this line:

Related exits and targets should be placed adjacent to each other, not on top of each other.

makes it sound like it's a requirement for exits to work, not a recommendation (which in retrospect, it seems to be?), which led us to try putting the exits (in separate rooms) on adjacent squares, counting out how far each exit was from the edge, and putting them adjacent to see if that would work.

In the end, ended up here to find the solution.

I might recommend clearer, more explicit directions in the docs on how to place the the exit in the "mini map" of the other room.

I love so much that you built this tool and looking forward to building things with it, thank you!


I also ran into the same issue! Glad I'm not the only one who was a bit confused. I thought that it was showing a room preview and was not expecting to click on it.

i was pretty confused by this too at first - i didn't think to consider that the smaller window on the right was something you had to actually click on. i figured it out on my own after a little bit, but i think it should be better explained for new users in the future.