Help loading to physical device to make sure game can be sideloaded using webbrowser

Hi fellow Playdaters :slight_smile:

I would be super happy if someone could help me to verify that my game can be side-loaded to a physical device using the web browser.
I've updated the pdxinfo (which was basically just empty before) so I think it should be fine now.
There is a test version sitting here.

The game will not do anything (just play some charming bossa nova music), but it should be possible to side-load this one using the web browser and a proper game icon should show up in the menu.
If your interested in the full-game it is sitting at Pop pop (Playdate) by therussianbeargame (this version still cant be loaded from the web though, hence me asking here :slight_smile: )


com.therussianbeargame.pop-pop is better bundleID.
I don't have Playdate, but there's no extra pdxinfo files in the folder, so I think this should work fine

Both the test build and the full game sideload and run fine on my device. Nice game!


Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to test it!
And very happy to hear you liked the game :slight_smile:


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