Hosting Game Source on GitHub?

The playdate sdk is not yet public, and shouldn’t be posted publicly or shared. Does that extend to source code for games using the sdk?

In short, is it cool for me to host the source for my playdate projects on public GitHub repos, or does using the sdk in the code reveal too much about it at this stage of development?


Since April free accounts get private repos.

Yeah, I know. I was more interested in how the team at panic felt about it - I’ve done devlogs before and usually host them alongside/link back to the source, but I want to be respectful of their wishes with respect to the developer preview.


For anyone who landed here, we got an answer in this thread:

Do not post your Playdate code publicly to GitHub etc. Things are still in flux.

That’s fine by me, and is why I was asking in the first place.


Now that the unit is officially on the market, is the policy still the same?

There is plenty of code posted publicly in Github now so I think this is no longer the case.