How do i make a car chase type sequence

Hey so uhh how do i make a car and car chase sequence for my game cuz i want to make a game that is similar to half life except has a lot of diffrences like the main protag isnt gordon hes amaro he goes to work yata yata stuff happens and ya so how do i make a car chase sequence

But its nothing like half life tho

I think we need a bit more information on this chase scene to help you. How is it gonna be? Are you going to shoot , or is it more of a race? There's plenty of ways you can make this, so if you could explain how's it gonna work a bit more, it would help.
If you want something complex, it might be worthwile to dabble into the sdk, since it might be too hard to do such a thing in pulp.

A street race to like well the end of the sequence then the protag runs off shooting at the enemies

Help please i need help on the chase like how do i make a car