How to access the Font tool?


I’m new, just got the SDK. In a video that explains a little bit how to start from Reth Thompson, he shows a font tool in the SDK.
I don’t have this font tool in my SDK, even though I’m on Mac.
Reading further about the fonts on the manual, it has a link to a web caps application. I tried that, but the system wouldn’t accept my Developer login.
I’m a bit confused about all this.
Anyone could help?


Actually, I managed to get in by changing my regular Playdate password with the same as the Devs password, but now I get a 404 page does not exist. So I kind of went further into the rabbit hole :slight_smile:

Hey Stephan! I just gave you access to it so you should be good to go.

Works great! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi, could you please grant access to me as well?