How to remove item after collect?

I’m trying to get an Item to disappear after being collected. I’ve tried the following on the Player, Item and Room to no effect:

on collect do
say “A beat up ol’ briefcase stuffed with loose papers.”
fill “white” at 14,9,8,8 //item location

I’ve also tried the “draw” function as well instead of “fill” but had the same result.

I’m completely new to all of this. Thanks for your help!

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try “swap” instead of fill.

swap "white"


Some additional context:

Drawing functions (like draw and fill can only be called from the player’s draw event handler. In the case of fill “white” is the name of a color but in the case of swap “white” is the name of one of the default tiles.

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I read that in the docs, but didn’t quite understand what it meant. Again, new to this stuff. I’ll keep at it though! Thanks for all the great work!