Impossible to register Playdate Simulator


I experiment a bit with Playdate SDK and Simulator in waiting receiving mine.
I update to SDK 1.9.3 and I'm on windows, but I continue to have this error when I try to register a simulator :
Click on Register button
Open my Playdate Simulator with Simulator Registration window filled with Serial Number and Access Token

Click on Register button
and give me this error message :
Please connect to WiFi in the Playdate OS before registering

I even try to go in Playdate Simulator settings to connect to Wifi (but it's ridiculous it's a Simulator on a computer connected to internet by ethernet and Wi-Fi) without success

and retry to register from Playdate / Device Serial Number & Token

put Access Token
and register but same error.

I even try to connect WiFi from the simulator on my router SSID but impossible to connect.
I even try to disconnect ethernet to only have WiFi working on computer with no success either.

Is it normal we can't register Simulator, and wich feature can we unlock by register the simulator ?

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Limitation of one picture by post for new user is quite annoying when we try to make a good bug report, sorry for multiple reply

Please search the forum existing issues.

Solution: Cannot Register Simulator

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I don't understand why I don't find this topic, because I search and found nothing :confused:

The solution is working but is quite tricky.

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The spurious connect to wifi dialog will be fixed in the 1.10 SDK. In the mean time, if you connect the Playdate OS to wifi and then immediately register the Simulator it should work as expected.