Improved animation for demo project

I was fiddling around with pulp and wanted the player character to animate a little better in the demo project first given. I got it working sort of how I wanted it to and thought it might be nice to upload if anyone wanted to see how I did it: (28.2 KB)

A brief explanation: Up/Down movement is basic, I simply keep track of the direction they're facing and then swap left leg for right leg frames.

Left/Right is a bit more involved in order to make it look like the legs are moving. I put in a very short wait and then swapped out frames that way when movement stops the animation stops as well (unlike when your tile has an animation built-in)

Hey SinHal,
can you share the .json? i can only find the option to import .json into pulp. I was also toying around with character animation and would like to compare your solution! Thank you!

This zip contains the .json:
Player (2.7 KB)

I like how the player's legs change each step when moving on the y-axis!
for the x-axis animation, there is an alternative approach: you can also use an animated tile (10 fps=0.1sec per frame as you have) and have the script "play" it and then draw the static one again. This will effectively play 1 cycle of the animation tile. (See neven's script in the "two-tile-tall-player tutorial")

ooh, interesting. Thanks for the tip chris, will definitely give it a shot when I can

Keep at it! I'm only just starting too and so far it's great fun to tinker with pulp, even though there are lots of script commands i can't find in the documentation and only stumble upon in this forum here :smiley:

My battle with devving on pulp is that the language is so paired down compared to everything else I've used up until now. Like I would've totally stuck one of the animation cycles in a method to reuse :sweat_smile:.