"Inside Playdate with C.html" install instructions mistake

The instructions for building games on Windows using Visual Studio have a typo/bug.

In section 4.3.4 it says "Open the Visual Studio project generated in the builds directory and build it. This will create a .pdx file at the root level of the project directory which can be run in the Simulator."

The bug here is that it doesn't create a .pdx file, it creates a .pdx folder/directory. After my build I wasted time looking for a .pdx file. Coldn't find it. Visual filemanagers tend to encourage this kind of thing. If I was on Linux I'd just have done an "ls -R | grep .pdx" but on Windows, sadly, that's less of an option.

That aside, have you considered adding a Documentation Tag to your but report forum?




Sorry about that. On MacOS, we have a concept of "package files," which are directories with a special flag that makes them look and act like single files. But on Windows, .pdx packages just look like normal folders, and aren't sorted separately. It appears some of our terminology hasn't been fully adapted from Mac to Windows.

Thanks for the note; we'll improve this!