Into The Depths


Jotted down some ideas and decided to put it out there!

You are an explorer camped at this mysterious abyss. Every time you journey into the abyss it is counted as a “day” and you must operate your platform using the crank within the abyss. Enemies and traps are lurking throughout the abyss, dodge their attacks and eventually you will reach some “ancient dwellings.” Not to mention your torch light may die out and cause you to have to abandon your journey if you are taking too long! Now the farther you go, the riskier it gets, but the ancient dwellings have bigger rewards the deeper they are found.

Ancient dwellings contain treasure and materials you need to make yourself a better equipped explorer and help you reach your end goal.

The mechanic of an ancient dwelling is still unsure, it could be:
epic enemy combat fight using the accelerometer and crank to land/dodge attacks
a circular rotating puzzle where you must rotate rings to align certain symbols within a time constraint.
a bit of both : )
something entirely different

Plenty of more ideas to come for this game, but I think I like this initial foundation!

Anyways, I just wanted to cast my idea out there and can’t wait to see what other developers will create! Already excited about the planet defense and starlight games.