Is it possible to edit the default font?

I like the default font, but I want to change the capital I character so that it is more differentiated from the lowercase l character for a game I'm making to help my kid learn letters.

Is it possible to get the font file for the built-in font and edit it?

Hi Nathan!

Take a look at SDK/Resources/Fonts/Roobert

Thanks Matt!

This is great, I didn't even know about the other fonts, I found one that is more suitable there. Since these are part of the SDK, is there an easy way to use them? like a k-something variable? I was looking for that in the docs but did not see anything.

There isn't. But I think that'd be a good feature request!

Until then you have to manually include the font files in your project.

We don't ship these fonts with the OS since we're trying to keep it lean. With a small, near-embedded system, it's probably a good idea to include things only when needed.

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Yeah, that totally makes sense, thanks for clarifying.