Is there any reason not to split one event into two to allow spacing over time?

I have a collectible-card-game style game that I am in the middle of programming:

If you look at 1:34, you can see a lot of cards shift around. That's the combat phase, which is not animated. I want to slow down what's happening over several seconds (after using "ignore). One way to do this would be

wait 1 then:
{the rest of my combat code}

This requires me to be careful about where the "end" goes, across hundreds of lines of code. A lazier option is to paste the following at any point in the script:

wait 1 then
call "combat2" (2 has to be changed to 3,4,etc for future uses in the same script
on combat2 do

Is there any downside to the second, lazier option? I know even less about computer science than I do about programming, so this question is a mystery to me. I really don't want to find out later I'm screwed and have to reprogram a ton of stuff if the lazier option is a really bad choice with some hidden downside.