Let's all make microgames!

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I am currently in between failed prototypes and I thought that it might be a cool community project to work on some micro games compilation in the vein of the Warioware series.


The idea is that anyone could contribute and write their own small games.
Because a game is just few seconds this is a good way to experiment with the hardware especially if people are new and need to learn how to develop for the Playdate.

I started with a couple of basic example just to get the ball rolling.


I wrote a short framework that handle the loading of game and the basic structure.

  • Each game have their own folder
  • Inside the main.lua contain the game logic, It just need an update() function and an optional init() function where you can load stuff.
  • There is a metadata.lua file that contain some game info like the time and instruction that will be displayed before playing the game.
  • You need to register your game in gamelist.lua

There is just three special function
win() the player will win the game when it ends
lose() the player will lose the game when it ends
quit() ends the game but the framework also do it automatically at the end of the timer

To test just your game you can force it in main.lua (the one from the project)

The framework is still very much work in progress but it’s a start. There is also an import() function which work for simple files but not with dependencies.

Try it here :arrow_heading_down:

MicroGames.zip (88.5 KB)

Maybe that’s just me but I think that would be pretty cool to have a compilation of crazy games made by all of us when the console launch. :slightly_smiling_face:


As someone currently sitting with a pile of failed prototypes for one reason or another… this is a GREAT idea! I am definitely going to try and contribute to this :playdate_new_important:


I say this with a tiny smirk but literally not a hint of Snark: why don’t you call the compilation “unseasonable” :slight_smile:

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Unseasonable, I like it :playdate_sideways_smile:

Tonight I made a small game where you have to crank to charge the playdate. (because this is still a good joke)


Latest version: MicroGames.zip (100.3 KB)


I’ll be sure to submit one or two!

(I noticed that the Apple game ends without user input if the crank is already in the end position.)

@tamakodo check it out

I found this just now, is it still a thing? I love the idea and would love to make something!

It’s not really a thing anymore unfortunately.
But Drew-Lo started a new similar project on discord recently (in the show and tell channel)

Ah that’s sad. I think you were ahead of your time :bowing_man:t3: