Limit the time for text?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to display some text, then go to the next room. Is there a way to go to the next room without player input? Maybe set some kind of timer?


Maybe this is what you have in mind:

wait 3 then
  goto 1,1 in "basement"

However, no code will run during a text dialog, I'm afraid—it waits for the user to dismiss it. You could not use say but show your own text dialog somehow?

If anyone else has this problem, what I did is I had the room change a variable to display it as a label from the player's draw event. Then have the room change the variable when it was over. :smiley:

in room:
show_score = 1
show_score = 0

in player (draw):

// show score
if show_score==1 then
label "{flower_total}/" at 11,7
if flower_total<10 then
label "{level_par}" at 13,7
elseif flower_total>=10 then
label "{level_par}" at 14,7

I also adjusted for a single digit because it looked weird.

Thanks for the ideas!

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