[ Linux ] PlaydateSimulator 1.11.1 processes don't close

When I open a new Playdate Simulator version 1.11.1 process and try to close it, it doesn't. PKill doesn't kill it, and Gnome's System Monitor can't kill them. Although XKill can.

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and Gnome 42.

There is a rather critical bug in the Linux/Windows sim that we've discovered. I'd recommend reverting to the 1.11.0 SDK for now. You can find it here.

Thanks! I was also wondering if those critical bugs included random seg faults? I was getting a lot of those recently and I want to know if it was my code or not.

I just tested it in 1.11.0, and it still hangs in the terminal after closing the window. and Ctrl-C does nothing either.

Yes, they are unfortunately related. :frowning:

So there is another bug in 1.11.0 (which is fixed in 1.11.1) where the Sim won't close if it's paused in the background and you try and close it. You need to bring the main window to the foreground and then close it.

Yup. I encountered this myself. Was wondering why the VS Code plugin wouldn't launch my game... because it was trying to open in the process that already existed... but which was no longer visible.

I kinda wish the "you should upgrade!" pop-up would have some release notes / known issues embedded in there, because I already deleted the previous SDK folder.