'Little Big Date"

Hi all! This is my first time ever attempting to make a game beyond a simple 'hello world' and a rock paper scissors game I made on code acaedmy many years ago.

I'm starting with pulp, and then want to build my way up to something at the level of a gameboy game. For now I want to make a simple side scroller, a 2d little big planet if you will.

Is it possible to create a sidescroller in pulp, or do you need to stick to a top down zelda-esque perspective?

A number of people have done a side perspective in Pulp—Jongjungbu's games come to mind—although more room-by-room, I don't know about scrolling. Probably possible! But Pulp is designed for top-down as you say.

At some point, digging into Lua will be less effort than squeezing Pulp into more than it was meant for. You can check out the Lua examples that came with the SDK and see what you think. The Lua docs are good too. My guess is Pulp will be a slightly easier starting point, but harder than Lua as you go. Especially since you've done some coding.

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Ah I thought you were doing something like Little Big Adventure (Twinsen)