Little documentation suggestion: pixel width of black bezel

The Designing for Playdate page mentions the pixel coordinates for the center of the device (rather than the screen).

Maybe also mention the pixel width of the 3mm bezel? By my calculation, it's 20 px.

Example use: when centering UI elements in a column on one side—in the space between the screen edge and some image/border. I like to subtract 10 px, centering within ALL the black, not just the "active black."

While I'm at thinking of it...

Could a (version free) link to Designing for Playdate be added to the Inside Playdate API docs? (And vice versa maybe?)

Designing for Playdate is a great reference, but easy to forget about—and a little awkward to navigate to by going back to the main Dev page. (I keep finding myself doing a Cmd-F Find for "designing" the same way I search for API functions, and coming up empty.)

Maybe it could go someplace like at the top of section 3, "Writing a game."

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