LlamaCarrot - A Hunt The Wumpus / Mattel LCD D&D inspired game

Hey all!

I just released "LlamaCarrot", which you can check out over at the itch.io page here:
LlamaCarrot by BleuLlama

You are a llama, and you need to feed a carrot to Plindle the dragon, so that he doesn't eat YOU, since llamas are particularly delectable to dragons...

Explore the 10x10 dungeon to find the carrot, and then throw it at Plindle using the crank. If you fall in a pit, you will use your grappling hook to get out. But beware, there's a bat in the dungeon with you who enjoys picking you up and plopping you down somewhere else in the dungeon...

It's mostly based on the old Mattel "Dungeons & Dragons" handheld LCD game, which is based on Hunt The Wumpus. Have fun!