Load LCDBitmap from LCDBitmapTable without auto-cropping?



When using the getTableBitmap function to load an LCDBitmap from an LCDBitmapTable, my understanding is that the resulting LCDBitmap is 'auto-cropped' to shrink it to a minimal non-transparent rectangle. While there are some contexts where that is useful, in other cases (such as rendering a complex animation from a sprite table), this auto-cropping results in the sprites from the sprite table being offset unexpectedly from where the animation would otherwise place them.

(If this isn't clear: consider a sprite table that contains an animation of a single black pixel moving around against a transparent background. Auto-cropping causes every frame of the animation to be rendered as an identical 1 pixel LCDBitmap object, resulting in a static image instead of an animation.)

Is there a way to disable auto-cropping when getting and LCDBitmap from an LCDBitmapTable?

I think what's missing here is either the ability to get the x/y offset for an LCDImage, and also the ability to get the full width and height of an LCDImage (not just the "cropped" width and height)