Looking for a Unique Script Collaborator

Hey community!

I'm an artist/story + puzzle designer with some basic ability at coding. I found PlayDate and Pulp a month or so ago and started in making a first game just as a fun means of learning how it worked.

Another member of the community was helping with the scripting (which was much better than me doing it) while I focused on the visual side and some mechanics/puzzles ideas. We actually both had some input on this. But this was just to complete this first little game with the intent to then move on to work on a second more properly planned game together.

We also have a composer who was adding music to the project.

Unfortunately, my scripting partner has gotten busy these days and is unable to proceed. So, I'm looking for another collaborator who is strong on the script side and might also be keen on the type of game we could develop together. My gaming influences and interests are obvious from my profile description and from the forum posts on the game in development. Full transparency, I'm not much interested in typical games, but gravitate toward unique stories and ideas. Kentucky Route Zero, Out of This World, To The Moon type stuff.

If you'd be interested and able to collaborate, drop me a line!


Potentially interested, but I want to use the C API with Rust to develop games instead of Pulp.

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We can chat more by private message.

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I'm a coder working on Playdate games.

I've just about finished my first game for it.

I can code, but my artwork is fairly mediocre. I also don't really enjoy designing levels/puzzles.

So it seems like we might be very compatible.

Hit me up if you want to talk about what we might be able to work on together.


Hi, did you get started with Rust/C? This is what I'd like to do. How would you use Rust though? Are there any bindings?

Short answer, see this thread.

You basically need to use no_std Rust with the C API. Rob Tsuk did some work creating bindings and a build system. The bindings have examples, and his solitaire project still works. Feel free to DM me or reply in the other thread.

A little update on this thread for any interested collaborators active here.

Please review my statement up top on my interest in making games. I'm motivated to do unique projects, and bring a range of skills such as visual design, narrative, puzzle design (not as strong here, but passable) and an overall creative direction for a game.

I'm quite proud of my own abilities and past creativeprojects, and enjoy still developing and refining a diverse skillset. Ideally, you are equally proud of your abilities and would enjoy doing something innovative rather than typical. This isn't an objective judgment on typical gaming, but rather a statement of my own interests.

If you are interested in an unpaid collaboration, it's important that we discuss early on what the non-monetary exchange is, as well as if future monetization is part of the picture, and how attribution rights will be managed.

If you just need basic pixel artwork done as a smaller task within your project, I think finding someone else or paying for it is best. I'm not actually looking for paid work here-- I'm looking for unique projects to collaborate on with passionate and skilled partners who are up for a challenge and the results of our collaboration.

If that sounds interesting and doable to you, feel free to drop me a message.