Mirror App Garbled Audio Error

Iv just learned that our game like some others garbles the audio when running through mirror app.
A work around i found for now is install the playdate sdk which comes with the simulator app, load the pdx folder(not the zip) Plug the playdate in and press Device> Use device as controller option. The sounds seem to work in the simulator. We will look into a fix but this could help capturing other games in the mean time.
You can also use the Boot to dada disc to grab the files from the season 1 to play on sim as i hear "Echoic Memory" also has this mirror error.

Hope this is yourful and saves you some debuging while recording footage.

The question now is why dose it get garbled in the first place. we use wav files but assumed they were converted to pda at build time?

I heard a couple peoepl talk about garbled audio though mirror but this is the tweet

He then went on to say he changed the cable out and it worked fine s this may be a non issue