Mouse wheel not moving crank on Linux Simulator (Fedora 34)


I am using the simulator on Linux (Fedora 34, inside a VM if that matters at all), and everything works except the mouse wheel cannot scroll the crank positions. I tried using a mouse and the trackpad two finger scrolling, but none works. The other UI components (e.g. Lua Memory window) can recognize the mouse scroll, though.

Interestingly, when I put my cursor on the crank degree input box, it scrolls fine and controls the crank. But after scrolling there, the simulator no longer recognizes any of my key presses no matter what I do, and I have to restart the simulator.

Cranking with the scroll wheel will be added in the 1.10 SDK. For the degree box, you'll need to mouse click on the main UI to get focus back on the Simulator instead of the input field for key input to work as expected.