MP3 file playback crashes Playdate hardware

Tested on SDK 1.11, 1.12

MP3 playback crashes the Playdate, games using MP3s will crash after a certain amount of time.

Sad to see this is still happening.

Seems to have been introduced in 1.10.0 in April

Rudimentary bisect at

I haven't had any luck reproducing the crashes using the mp3 files that are giving other people problems. I'm just doing"test.mp3"):play(), so maybe there's some other code required to trigger it. Can you post a pdx that demonstrates the crash?

Looks like it was the looping that was doing it. The new code in 1.12 for estimating the total length of an mp3 file based on what's been decoded so far wasn't resetting the stats when the offset moved, throwing the numbers off. 1.12.1 update coming soon..