My first PlayDate Game (Short Hack n Slash Game)

I am proud to announce my first ever PlayDate Game, Internet City PlayDate Edition
Play it free on Itch io here


A short spin-off to the main line Internet City Games.

The year is 1995, you are a up and coming gangster in the Internet City Crime Families and you are tasked with getting Floppy Disk from an enemy who has leverage over your bosses but you also have to be careful because there are a lot of enemies near. Play this short epic retro style hack and slash game made for the PlayDate Handheld.


D-Pad: Use the D-Pad to navigate your player around

A: Use the A button on your PlayDate to interact with text and information

S: Use the S button on your PlayDate to use your sword on a enemy

This game was made for the PlayDate Handheld.

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